Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts- A Review

     Adoption has always been important to Lorilyn Roberts. She herself has been adopted twice. The first time was by her earthly parents and then by God. Ms. Roberts is the mother of two adopted daughters. Her book, Children of Dreams is the story of all those adoptions, but mostly about the adoption of her daughters. She begins the gripping story at about the time she was thirty years old.

     At the age of thirty, Ms. Roberts' world was torn apart by an unfaithful husband and the subsequent divorce. Her dream of being a mom seemed to be on the burn pile. With no husband, how could she ever hope to have children of her own? Then, the idea for adoption. And, while that sounds simple enough, she chose to move forward with an international adoption. The story takes us to Nepal where she encountered life in a third-world country. Her writing style is warm and personal, so the reader experiences in some small measure the fear, doubts, and other emotions she went through. The international adoption process is full of reasons to generate a multitude of emotions. She recounts her relationship with God during this turbulent ordeal. Ms. Roberts never holds herself out to be some "super Christian." In fact, I thought she was rather forthcoming in expressing her spiritual doubts.

     After some years, life seemed to be at a point where she could consider adopting a second child. Then her daughter developed some serious health problems. If you've ever wondered if its possible for an adoptive parent to feel the same love for their child as biological parents do, read about the terror Ms. Roberts went through. Read how God prevailed and made it possible for her to go to Vietnam to adopt her youngest daughter. Vietnam was another place where the reader gets to take a white-knuckle ride. 

     Through all her "adventures," Ms. Roberts comes to parallel the story to God's adoption process. She finds her faith at the critical moments, but not before the reader either wants to give her a comforting hug or shake her and say "get a grip on yourself." In the end, God prevails and the reader is uplifted. I think you will enjoy getting to know Lorilyn's heart and those of her two "children of dreams."


    As a special treat for my readers, I am going to ask Ms. Roberts to join me and about half a dozen of my closest friends in a Google Hangout session in the very near future to discuss her books.  If you want to be on the invitation list, send me an email to:  If you aren't familiar with this, it's a new video chat service that is high quality and free of charge. They limit the number of people to nine at a time, so get your name on the list early! 

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  1. Good review, Steve. I think your idea of a hangout with a few friends is an excellent way to get the word out and make that emotional connection with the author. Your Professor book looks like a fun YA read! Blessings, Carol A. Brown

  2. Thanks, Steve, for your wonderful review. I pray that my journey to motherhood can be an inspiration to others who long to be a mother and dream as I did. God gives us the desires of our heart. There are 150 million orphans in the world who need loving families. Adoption is a wonderful way to build families. God adopted us into His family, and that was my inspiration to adopt my daughters.